The new Tempus web site is based on a very close collaboration with Omniaweb web agency Padova . For Tempus watches Omniaweb has created a website with vintage and luxury watch catalog, optimized for search engines and usable by mobile.

The luxury watch catalog is based on high-resolution original photographs made specifically for the online showcase. Omniaweb has taken care of the graphic part so that the watch dials are visible in detail, even in the case of smaller thumbnail images. Images are also well visible from mobile. On each product you can see the photo gallery with optimized dimensions to see the detail of the watch.

Product information can be requested for price information. Tempus will receive a contact form with the automatic indication of the interrupted product.

The contact pages and required information contain special forms that are tracked through Web Analytics and are optimized for mobile.

Catalog articles can be updated or added from Tempus through CMS. Each item comes with cover image, crumbs of bread, details, article number, zoom photo gallery, information request, and social media sharing.